More people killed by security forces than by Coronavirus in Nigeria

indafrica April 18, 2020
Updated 2020/04/18 at 12:44 AM

At least 18 people have died in the hands of Nigerian security forces during the period of lockdown in some parts of the country.

Human rights group that received evidence in form of still and motion pictures says security forces in the country have killed more people than Coronavirus since the lockdown which began on 30 March.

According to data provided by Nigeria’s ministry of Health Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 12 people. On the other hand security forces have killed 18 people.

Security forces in Nigeria have a history of brutality towards citizens. In the past year Over 1,476 people lost their lives in the hands of security forces acting on state orders.

By the time of publication Nigeria has recorded 407 positive cases of the Coronavirus. Lockdowns have been initiated in most parts of the countries including major cities Abuja and Lagos.

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