Five things you don’t know about Man Tawa

indafrica April 20, 2020
Updated 2020/04/20 at 10:56 AM

Not only is Everson K Chieza aka Man Tawa a hopeless romantic on screen, in real life the actor is a lover of many things as he describes himself as a person who believes in true love.

Man Tawa as most people know him from College Central’s Wadiwa Wepamoyo online drama series has been a lover of theater for a while now but its not everytime we knock and the door opens for us .

After a series of rejection and receiving so many NOs from people Man Tawa has nothing but praises for College Central that has given him the spotlight to showcase his talent and dream which to some people seemed to be impossible.

The actor says playing on this drama series has changed his life swiftly and is a dream come true for him.

“Wadiwa Wepamoyo has shown me what I’m capable of doing after receiving so many NOs from many people. I am now living my dream,” he said.

Man Tawa reveled to that he is a lover of so many things but toping his chart was art. Below is a list of things you need to know about Man Tawa

As many people would think celebrities are immune to a lot of difficulties and world problems Man Tawa wants people to understand that he is still human and not a super human.

Resembling from his Wadiwa Wepamoyo Man Tawa who is not really a man of many words Everson is a quiet guy in real life.

Also resembling from his character he a lover of sports and fitness. His stature can testify to that .

Man Tawa says he is a lover of art and appreciates when he sees it. “I love art, anyone that I recognize I make sure that I support also I respect people who take time to master their crafts” said Man Tawa.

As everyone would expect he is one fellow who believes in true love.

Heavens are surely looking after this young actor as he has managed to brooker a deal with Zimbabwe’s Premiere League giants FC Platinum. He is now brand ambassador of the the football Club.

He promised that many more projects will surely come after the Covid-19 lockdowns are over.

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