Lessons from Wadiwa Wepamoyo’s three Characters

indafrica April 22, 2020
Updated 2020/04/22 at 1:22 PM

It is not rejection that hurts the most but the thought that you are not good enough.

Very emotional scenes from today’s final episode of Wadiwa Wepamoyo Season 1.

Lessons from Biko

Reading the comments the past ten weeks of watching the online drama series that has had a firm grip on Zimbabwe and abroad, I realized that everyone sympathized with Tawanda (Man Tawa) and everyone said we all need a friend like Biko.

You can be a that Biko type of friend but the question is at what cost?

What I’ve learnt from watching this show is that in life they are times when you have to be selfish and persue your dreams.

Biko put the dreams of his friend first before his only to realize the dream belongs to one person.

Everyone is wondering is Biko will turn into a hobo or drunkard. Well thats for Season two to tell.

Lessons from Man Tawa

The heart wants what it wants ,ofcause it does and most of the times it makes us look like fools.

At one moment we all have fallen in love and thought the world revolved around our relationship.

Unfortunately Tawanda had to learn the hard way. There is more the world has to offer than a beautiful love story.

The fact that Tawanda had to pursue his dreams without getting to bandage his wounded heart taught me that falling is inevitable but getting up is a choice.

But let’s talk about their friendship with Biko is it going to remain the same.

Lessons from Noku

Hesii !

Known for her signature greeting that gives everyone one goosebumps.

Daddy’s perfect daughter, faced with a difficult choise to make to choose or not to choose.

Well I have nothing much to say about this beautiful actress except that you really have to know what you from life. Well we can’t blame her cause she’s really faced with a serious dilemma.

Well it is what it is!

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