Kenyan Pastor steals Oliver Mtukudzi’s song

A Kenyan Pastor who’s also a musician has landed himself in trouble after he used parts of Zimbabwe’s music legend Oliver Mtukudzi’s song without permission.

Pastor Anthony Musembi took parts of Oliver Mtukudzi’s song ‘Todii’ and used them in his Covid-19 awareness song as his own.

After the Pastor’s song went viral Tuku music who are the custodians of most of Oliver Mtukudzi’s composition rights announced that Pastor Musembi had not sought permission to use Mtukudzi’s material in his song.

Tuku music released a statement saying they encouraged artistes to follow the correct protocol when they need to use copyright-protected material to avoid issues that may arise from violation of these protocols.

On a lighter note Pastor Musembi agreed he had done wrong and was willing to fix his mistakes.

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