Chinese crew throw black men into Indian Ocean

indafrica April 26, 2020
Updated 2020/04/26 at 8:00 AM

A pair of Tanzanians have escaped death through a skin of their teeth after they were thrown into the Indian ocean by Chinese ship crew.

The two Tanzanians were lucky enough as the ocean washed them off the KwaZulu Natal’s north coast in South Africa.

The Tanzanians were set to appear in court for breaching immigration rules when the seven Chinese nationals came foward and pleaded guilty for attempted murder before the Durban Regional Magistrate Court.

The Chinese syndicate claims they were set to sail to Singapore when they discovered that they had two uninvited Tanzanian guests in their ship. They then gave them food and water and built a raft from empty Plastic drums and plywood and gave them life jackets before asking them to vacate their ship.

The vessel’s master Cui Rongli pleased guilty for failing to report the stowaways which is a contravention of the Merchant Shipping Act.

The Chinese crew was offered R100 000 fine of four years in prison while the Tanzanians got deported to their country .

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