Kim Jong Un really dead ?

indafrica April 26, 2020
Updated 2020/04/26 at 8:33 AM

Several sources have reported that North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un has died.

Due to the extreme secretive nature of North Korea the picture remains unclear and all these reports unconfirmed.

Japanese and Chinese media outlets say the 36-year-old dictator is dead yet some other medias say he is alive but fighting for his life on a death bed with no hope of recovery.

Some Chinese officials say they have received news of Kim’s death from very solid and reliable sources.

Other reports say a team of medical expects from China have been sent go North Korea’s capital Pyongyang to attend to the leader.

A doctor from china who was part of the delegation attending the Kim Jong Un said a delay in heart procedure had left the leader critically ill.

These reports have sparked major civil unrest in North Korea.

On the other hand a train that is likely to belong to Kim Jong Un was spotted in a resort town in the country. A satellite image confirms.

The train is said to have been parked at the leadership station in Wonsan on 21 April and 23 April. The leadership station is reserved for the use of Kim family only.

The death of Kim Jong Un might spark serious conflict in North Korea and in the world at large.

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