Nigeria records over 1000 Covid-19 cases in a week

indafrica May 2, 2020
Updated 2020/05/02 at 8:44 AM

Nigeria has topped the charts of one of the most affected West African Countries currently seating at 2170 cases of Coronavirus.

Nigeria witnessed a sharp rise on the Covid-19 curve in the past week when they recorded over a thousand cases in a seven days.

On April 23 Nigeria had slightly less than a thousand cases of the virus, the tune changed on the 30th of April as records show that they now had recorded 1932 cases . The following morning on the 1st of May more scores of the virus infection were recorded.

The President of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari announced that from the 4th of May the nation will ease some lockdown regulations but will make sure that they is night curfew to maintain order.

Cases of the virus on different days

April 24 = 1,095
April 25 = 1,182
April 26 = 1,273
April 27 = 1,337
April 28 = 1,532
April 29 = 1,728
April 30 = 1,932

Nigeria is now the 5th most affected country in the continent,with South Africa leading with nearly six thousand cases of Coronavirus.

Africa’s most impacted nations include:

South Africa = 5,951
Egypt = 5,895
Morocco = 4,569
Algeria = 4,154
Nigeria = 2,170

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