Children picking up used facemasks from dump site

indafrica May 3, 2020
Updated 2020/05/03 at 2:35 PM

Residents in Gweru have raised alarming concerns that their Children are picking up and using used face masks and other surgical waste from a dumpsite close to woodlands Park a new suburb in the city.

The Ward development committee chairperson Obert Rupanga said children pick up these waste at the dumpsite to play with.

“Actually some children pick up used personal protective equipment like face masks and gloves dumped from hospitals” said Rupanga.

Some of these children play with these masks , wear them and even take them home.

Rupanga appealed for the dump site to be relocated from the current position.

“We have approached the Gweru city council and they said money to relocate the dump site is on this year’s budget but we are concerned that in the meantime people will easily perish” he added.

The dumpsite is a popular playground for children of the suburb and for informal traders who specializes in waste recycling.

The Gweru municipality has demolished unapproved structures at the popular Kudzanayi bus terminus.

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