Senegalese Families demand repatriation of Corona dead bodies from Europe

indafrica May 8, 2020
Updated 2020/05/08 at 9:46 AM

Families in Senegal have requested the government to repatriate bodies of their loved ones that died in other countries during the coronavirus outbreak.

Nearly 40 Senegalese have died overseas due to Coronavirus and the families have asked the government for repatriation of the bodies so they could be given proper burial.

The issue has been taken to the high court of Senegal.

A human right lawyer said it is in the best interests of the families to get the bodies of their loved ones and bury them properly for it is their right to mourn and choose burial place for them.

However this goes against the international regulations of burying Coronavirus victims. They are expected to be burried in airtight bags without the presence of many people but health officials and at least three family members.

No final decision has been made concerning the matter

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