Uganda, Kenya in nationwide blackout

indafrica May 9, 2020
Updated 2020/05/09 at 10:37 AM

Uganda and Kenya were hit by a Nationwide power outage in the early morning hours of Saturday.

Kenya and Uganda power supplies announced on Twitter that they were working on restoring power backup.

The two countries have a interconnected power grid hence one fault can easily affect both countries.

Power went off at around 05:49am .

In some parts of Kenya power has already been restored.

Kenya Power said they had already identified a technical fault at a section of the main high voltage transmission power line that evacuates power from the Olkaria geothermal power plants to Nairobi.

Uganda was also affected as they was no power in the whole nation.

The Uganda Electricity Transmission Co. Ltf also announced through microbloging site Twitter saying ,

“We have lost transmission across the nation, please bear with us as we investigate the causes and work on restoring power back.”

This is not the first time as both countries in January suffered another national blackout which they claim was caused by system disturbances.

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