Reason why Bonang is trending

indafrica May 10, 2020
Updated 2020/05/10 at 2:44 AM

South Africa’s television personality and entrepreneur Bonang Matheba is trending but not for anything bad or anything she recently did.

Just like many South Africans, Bonang will be shocked and confused as she wakes up and find her name trending.

Tweeps from South Africa decided to shower Bonang with lots of appreciation posts and a trending hashtag #CongratulationsBonang on Mother’s day.

Bonang has been an inspiration to so many young South Africans mostly young girls. She has impacted her world and caused major positive change.

Also not forgetting how she gets to scoop awards including international ones, its just a showcase on how she perfects everything that she comes in contact with.

Now the real reason why Bonang os trending is simply for appreciation. Also to confuse South Africans as they wake up to find a trending hashtag which they won’t be able to understand lol.

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