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Just In : Zimbabweans to receive new bank notes on Tuesday

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has just announced that the new $10 notes will be available for collection in banks from Tuesday 19 May.

The new bank notes come at a time when the Zimbabwean Dollar has fallen on its knees and inflention is at over 1000% in the Southern African country.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has introduced the new $10 and $20 notes to help with the cash shortages in the country.

The RBZ also announced that withdrawal limits have been increased from zw$300 to zw$1000 per week.

However Zimbabweans will have to wait a couple of weeks before getting the new $20 note on their hands, the bank said the $20 will be in circulation during the first week of June.

Zimbabwean Dollar suffers from being devalued on a daily basis by the parallel black market which is allegedly run by high ranking government officials and business men in the country.

Below is the full statement from RBZ

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