Three African countries kickout WHO

indafrica May 17, 2020
Updated 2020/05/17 at 4:18 PM

African nations are quickly showing resistance against the World Health Organization (WHO). Some countries like Tanzania exposing the scam behind corona virus test kits brought into Africa.

Most African countries complained that they have received faulty coronavirus test kits with some of the kits coming loaded with the virus already.

The President of Tanzania John Magufuli who was suspicious of the virus from the beginning, decided secretly to send in goats and fruits into laboratories to be tested for the virus. To everyone’s shock the results came out positive. A Paw Paw and goat tested positive for the virus. How is that possible?

So many false cases of the virus were recorded in Tanzania.

Magufuli then decided to kick out WHO representatives in the country pending investigations into the matter on how fruits and animals could test positive for the virus. Tanzania has not exited the organization.

Days after Tanzania kicked out WHO officials from the country, Burundi followed suit as they also kicked out top officials of WHO from the country.

In a letter addressed to WHO’S Africa headquarters Burundi foreign minister stated that the four representatives of WHO were expected to out of the Country by Friday (15 May) because they were now interfering in internal matters of the country.

Meanwhile the President of Madagascar has accused the health organization for trying to bribe him to poison the newly found covid-19 cure.

The president says he was offered $20 million to poison the herbal cure.

That same night Madagascar decided to quit WHO and also encourage other African countries to do the same because WHO being a western organization has bad faith towards African sovereignty and wants Africa to be dependent on them.

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