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10 things you need to know about Uganda’s extended lockdown

The President of Uganda has again announced a further extension to the national lockdown with most of the regulations returning.

Below is a list of ten main points about the lockdown. malls and arcades remain closed.

2.public transport e.g buses and taxis opened but to carry half capacity.

3.Every Ugandan should have a mask while in public.

4.Bars,night clubs,gyms to remain closed.

5.Border border to remain carrying only cargo no passengers.

6.Airports remain closed.

7.Open education for candidate classes and campus finalists only.

8.curfew from 7pm to 6am to continue for more 21days.

9.Private car owners allowed to drive with a capacity of only 3 ,d driver inclusive.

10.All the other measures remain in place for the next 21days.
NB:All these will fall in place after the supply of masks that is in 2weeks time.

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