Number of abandoned babies increase in South Africa

indafrica May 23, 2020
Updated 2020/05/23 at 3:23 PM

On Thursday, an abandoned baby boy infant believed to be three weeks old was found along the N12 near the Joe Slovo Road in Klerksdorp, according to Arrive Alive .

Door of Hope Children’s Mission reported that this brings the number of abandoned babies received during the Covid-19 lockdown to nine.

By 12 May, seven babies were brought to their.

According to the organisation’s Nadene Grabham, many childcare agencies and places of safety around South Africa are stretched to capacity as they are all unable to facilitate adoption processes to unite babies and children with their forever families or biological ones under the lockdown.

She said three of the babies received by the Door of Hope were brought in by the police after they were found abandoned in the streets, one was dropped in the baby box and three others came from hospitals with two of those having been abandoned by their mothers.

Ntokozo Ngwenya was abandoned by her mother as a baby.She tells Move! seeing the stats and news of more babies being abandoned breaks her heart.

“I always try to make donations to centres helping abandoned babies so I make sure to keep abreast of what is happening around the topic. Seeing more and more babies just being left breaks my heart.

I understand that women have their reasons and that circumstances force people into corners so I don’t judge. I just wish those not able to keep their babies would leave them at places of safety at least, you owe the child that much,” the now-27- year-old Ntokozo has a child of her own and would like more children through adoption.

“I can only hope that things lighten up soon so people can earn some kind of living that will allow them to keep their little ones because as things stand, the shelters will soon be unable to take in more babies,” she says.
“We pray that urgent policies are put in place that could assist NPOs who are bridging the gaps in childcare for the children of this beautiful nation.

Too many children are facing abuse, neglect and abandonment. We need to be their voice, we have to stand up for them,” Door of Hope tweeted.

To protect the babies and toddlers in their care, the organisation has also closed its doors to visitors from the beginning of March as the coronavirus gained momentum.

Door of Hope has also appealed to members of the public to help with winter supplies.

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