Bushiri fires starving Pastors who asked him for help

indafrica May 24, 2020
Updated 2020/05/24 at 2:24 PM

Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is reported to have axed some of his church’s ministers amid rumours that they were plotting against him.

The controversial Malawian prophet kicked out the clergymen earlier this month, reports reaching
Indafrica.com can confirm.

According to Dailysun , a leaked audio recording in circulation on social media confirmed the nasty fall-out.

In the audio, Bushiri can be heard saying that the rebellious clerics secretly created a group chat on WhatsApp in which participants attacked him and his church.

However, the axed pastors have come out and shot down reports that they were conspiring against Bushiri.

Speaking to the publication, one of the pastors confirmed that the WhatsApp group existed but dismissed allegations that they were using it to fuel disunity within the church.

‘The agenda of the group was to ask him for money because we’re struggling and running out of food since we’re unable to hold services and the church isn’t paying us salaries,’ said the pastor.

The cleric also added that since tithes go straight to the prophet, pastors are now languishing in poverty because they survive on offerings which they are currently unable to get because religious gatherings are banned during the lockdown.

To rub add salt to the injury, soon after their dismissal the ministers received news that the church would not make travel arrangements for their return to Malawi.

Another axed cleric who spoke to the publication expressed that he felt betrayed since he had served Bushiri for nearly 10-years and had stuck with him through thick and thin.

‘We now have to serve under a different ministry or start our own church. Rent for houses we live in is paid by the church. We can be kicked out at any time. We supported him while he was conducting services under a tree.

We can’t do anything. He has money and power. Even transport we were promised to take us home has been cancelled.’

‘I’m not bitter, but frustrated that all the years I have served under him were in vain. He knows the truth deep down inside,’ said another pastor.

Bushiri spokesman Ephraim Nyondo said the church has internal reporting structures where anyone can raise grievances.

‘The issue in question is a normal internal case of breach of a set code of conduct and the church administration took the relevant disciplinary action,’ he said.

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