Zim Doctor begs for money and food

indafrica June 1, 2020
Updated 2020/06/02 at 3:29 AM

In a rather stunning development, an apparently starving medical doctor in Zimbabwe has taken to social media to beg for money for food. Dr Sandra Kudzayi Wayerera’s message went viral on social media after she wrote on Instagram that she has no food and cannot afford to buy food.The 28-year-old Wayerera currently works at Beitbridge General Hospital where most of the trade is now predominantly done in Rands while she earns in Zimbabwe Dollars.The Zimbabwe Dollar has been depreciating sharply against major currencies leading to rising inflation and the erosion of salaries.The multi-talented doctor who also sings under the stage name Miss Black recorded and released her debut album titled “Ruva Rangu” back in January.Writing on social media platform Instagram , Dr Wayerera said,“My name is Dr Sandra Kudzai Wayerera currently working at a district hospital in Zimbabwe.“I am looking for any kind of donation. Nzara yavakundikunda. Vakuru vakati ukanyara haugwaze, ndabvisa nyadzi dzose ndikauya pano kuzokumbirawo rubatsiro.(I am starving. An old adage says who dares wins, I have swallowed all pride to come here and ask for help). I am a breadwinner and many people are looking up to me but hazvisi kubatana (I am failing to make ends meet). Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. My EcoEash number is 0771491355. Thank you,”

Zimbabwean medical doctors and other health personnel have gone on frequent strikes citing poor remuneration and impoverishment.Junior doctors in Zimbabwe reportedly earn an average of just over $200 a month, including allowances.Last year, junior doctors at Zimbabwe’s state hospitals went on a crippling four-month strike over poor wages and a lack of adequate equipment and medicines.The strike was eventually ended after telecoms billionaire S trive Masiyiwa, through his philanthropic arm Higher Life Foundation offered to pay the doctors a monthly allowance of ZWL$5 000 for six months to resume work .When the offer was made, the amount translated to approximately US$300 per month. Masiyiwa also offered the doctors other incentives which included a smartphone, free VAYA taxi ride to and from work, uniforms and diagnostic aids.

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