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Zimbabwe Covid-19 test kits corruption Scandal exposed

In a stunning development, the government of Zimbabwe has been revealed to have paid a massive US$66 000 for coronavirus (Covid-19) test kits worth only US$300.

The shocking corruption scandal was revealed by investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has been one of the leading figures in fighting government corruption and exposing shady Covid-19 deals and tenders.

Chin’ono’s exposes have ruffled feathers so much, that the ruling Zanu PF even threatened him publicly during a press conference .

Zanu PF’s acting spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, was furious at Chin’ono for exposing shady deals which allegedly involved the first family.

In the latest expose, Chin’ono revealed that a company called Jaj Investments had bough coronavirus test kits for only US$0.06 (6 cents) per unit in China only to turn around and charge the government of Zimbabwe a massive US$14.75 for a single test kit. This translates to meteoric 24 493 percent margin.

Below are some of the documents which expose the alleged corrupt deal.

This comes a few weeks after another corruption scandal was unearthed in which the government had agreed to pay US$28 per unit for face masks which are locally available for less than US$5 per unit.

The government has since announced that it is cancelling all contracts for the company which was supposed to supply the fax masks, one Drax International LLC.

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