“South Africa doing it’s best for Zimbabwe”

indafrica June 11, 2020
Updated 2020/06/11 at 5:05 AM

PRETORIA says it is doing all it can to help end Zimbabwe’s myriad challenges, but will never consider military intervention in the country, the Daily News reports.

This comes as South Africa — the regional power and Zimbabwe’s biggest trading partner by far — is coming under growing pressure to help end Harare’s myriad woes.

Speaking to the Johannesburg-based Power FM radio station on Monday, the country’s International Relations minister Naledi Pandor said Pretoria would not use a hawkish approach to end Zimbabwe’s growing problems.

“I think the South African government is in consistent engagement and interaction with the Government of Zimbabwe, both to persuade as well as to provide support where it is needed.

“It is the political actors who, sitting around the table, will resolve those issues.

“South Africa or any other country trying to invade Zimbabwe in the belief that it can resolve the problems will be totally mistaken … this will lead to disaster, and in fact, may turn the people of Zimbabwe against South Africa,” Pandor added.

“We engage consistently. Non-interference means we wouldn’t use our soldiers, our army to invade Zimbabwe to enforce a platform of democratic practice that we have in South Africa.

“We believe that such is a decision that Zimbabwean people must make.

“However, we are able — through diplomatic engagement — to persuade the people of Zimbabwe that they need both political as well as an economic revival, which does mean that they have to change in policy and practice,” Pandor said further.

She emphasised that South Africa would continue to encourage dialogue in Zimbabwe.

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