From petrol attendant to medical doctor, meet Ntando Makhubela

indafrica June 13, 2020
Updated 2020/06/13 at 10:07 AM

Some people go to extreme lengths to chase their dreams. One man, Ntando Makhubela, was bright enough to become a doctor but he did not have the funds to study medicine.

Makhubela graduated from Cyril Clarke Secondary School in 2014 with distinctions in maths, biology and physics, ALGO FM reported.

He dreamed of studying medicine at Wits university but was initially turned down.
He told News24 :

“I did apply to Wits but they didn’t take me for the course [medicine] that I wanted and I had a bursary as well. They told me they were full and couldn’t take more students.”

He opted to study towards a Bachelor of Science degree but had to drop out after two weeks because he could not afford it.

Makhubela started working as a petrol attendant and one day he was approached by an ANC Youth League leader.

He said: “He was aware that I did well in school and he gave me the application form and I applied.”

Makhubela received a scholarship from the Mpumalanga health department, where he and 55 other students travelled to Cuba to study medicine.

He has been in Cuba ever since and plans on promoting preventative health-care measures when he returns to South Africa, Lowvelder reported. gathered social media users were inspired by his story and they applauded Makhubela online.
Twitter user, @Lucky_Smasher, commented:

“Good work and I hope he will get paid well as @cubandoctors.”
Another tweep, @Mamphegoo, added:
“He did well, the journey to success ain’t easy but if you committed you do reach your destiny.”

Social media user, @somirobert, wrote:
“We live in a world where you can become anything you want so long as you devote fully.”

Twitter user, @MrBK4, said:
“Wow… If motivation was a person indeed. Big up bro.”

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