N_ude South African woman dance video spark Nigerians must fall trend

indafrica June 13, 2020
Updated 2020/06/13 at 7:03 PM

After a hypothetical #BlackLivesMatter trend South Africans have begun calling for the fall of Nigerians in their country.

Today the #Nigeriansmustfall has been trending as many South Africans expressed their frustrations about Nigerians who keep on ‘using’ South African women.

A video of a young South African girls undressing and dancing in front of a group of what is suspected to be Nigerian men, found its way to the internet and this has sparked the calls by twitter users.

Some users were blaming Nigerian guys for drugging the lady so they could manipulate her.

Unfortunately we can not upload the video on our website because of our anti-nudity policy.

Nigerians have been blamed for most of the crime in South Africa. Drug deals , prostitution, human trafficking has all been linked to Nigerians and other foreigners in South Africa.

Below is a few tweets from the trend

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