Ramaphosa Dining with White capitalists while teenagers were being killed: Malema

indafrica June 18, 2020
Updated 2020/06/18 at 12:49 AM

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema claims that President Cyril Ramaphosa was nowhere to be found while students were risking their lives in the fight for freedom.

Malema lashed out at the president on Tuesday 16 June, during an EFF virtual Youth Day Rally.

Malema started off his Youth Day address claiming that the South African society is “leaderless”.

“Like the 1976 generation, we have only ourselves to rely on because the President of SA and his factional cabinet have abandoned the ship,” said Malema.

Malema said the leadership of the country has made reckless decisions that “jeopardise lives, such as the relaxing of lockdown regulations and the sale of alcohol which is devastating health infrastructure.”

While Malema commemorated Youth Day and paid tribute to the brave students who fought for freedom in 1976 and those who inspired them, he also couldn’t help but dig deep into Ramaphosa’s alleged flaws.

“It is the uncompromising character of the 1976 youth that guides us as economic emancipation movement to fulfil our generational mission in the same way those rebellious young people fulfilled theirs in fighting for their freedom. Can we say the same about your ‘favourite” president?” said Malema.


Malema said that after the uprising on 16 June 1976, the white capitalist establishment in South Africa realised that apartheid “had to go” due to it “becoming costly to their businesses.”

“That is why in December 1976, the white capitalist establishment led by the Oppenheimers’, the Ruperts and Menell families launched,” said Malema.

“The Urban Foundation was an organisation used to co-opt emerging black people into the white agenda, where they wanted to influence handing over political power but retaining economic ownership and control,” he added.

Malema said one of the people “they” co-opted into the white agenda was Cyril Ramaphosa, who “joined the Urban Foundation Board in 1978, a board chaired by the Menell family and controlled by the Oppenheimers and Ruperts.”


Malema said that when teenagers were being killed, when they were escaping the country into exile, when young children were being arrested and harassed by the police, Ramaphosa was wining and dining with the white capitalist establishment in South Africa.

“When Solomon Mahlangu was undergoing a trial with the clear intention that apartheid courts were going to execute him, Cyril Ramaphosa was in the boardrooms of the white capitalist establishment,” he said.

“The question you must ask yourself is why Cyril Ramaphosa was allowed in the boardrooms of white people’s organisations when apartheid was killing school children?” Malema asked.

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