Video: Prisoners protest with sharp objects

indafrica June 18, 2020
Updated 2020/06/18 at 1:00 PM

The Department of Correctional Services has responded furiously to the “thuggery” that has been caught on camera at the Butterworth facility.

A group of 34 prisoners had barricaded themselves inside a cell, armed with sharp objects and blunt weapons, demanding to be taken to court for a hearing.


However, one of the many flaws in this plan was that the court in the Eastern Cape they had identified was closed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. In the video, the inmates can be seen singing and chanting, while banging their objects to create an intimidating atmosphere.

The unsettling clip is two minutes long, and doesn’t show how the altercation was eventually ended.

However, the DCS have been made aware of the footage, and promised to crack-down on ‘hooliganism’.


The department pulled no punches with their statement, vowing to show “no mercy” towards both the ringleaders and the more passive elements on this in-house uprising.

Butterworth officials have been told to ‘deal with these criminals harshly’, as law enforcement reacts to wrestle control back from the inmates.

“This was an act of hooliganism and thuggery, with utter disregard for authority.

It becomes very disturbing when those remanded in custody show no respect. Such infernal behaviour has no place in our prisons and all of those involved will be dealt with harshly, whenever these incidents raise their heads.”

“The situation demanded swift action to restore law and order, and searches were also conducted in an effort to remove all contraband.

The ringleaders have been identified and relocated, and disciplinary action will be meted out against all participants. This cannot be tolerated and all 34 detainees will be shown no mercy”

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