Musician ‘regrets’ supporting ZANU PF

indafrica June 19, 2020
Updated 2020/06/19 at 11:41 AM

TRADITIONAL mbira musician Tambaoga, whose real name is Last Chiangwa, has pleaded with Zimbabweans for forgiveness for supporting Zanu-PF “to the extremes” during the late former president Robert Mugabe’s reign where he was used mainly for propaganda jingles.

Tambaoga claimed he was sorry for being partisan is his songs, saying as a spirit medium, he now wants to see Zimbabweans united regardless of political affiliation.

Writing on his Twitter page, Tambaoga said:

Ndinokumbirawo ruregerero kuruzhinji rweZimbabwe maringe nekunge ndiri munhu akarerekera kubato rezvematongerwo enyika. (People of Zimbabwe, please forgive me for my political allegiance).

. Honestly, I now need your support in my music career

“It is my wish to see all the political parties — Zanu PF, MDC among others — in the country coming together for nation-building. With the current situation, we are going nowhere as a country.

“As a spirit medium, I will work towards achieving this goal just like Bob Marley did when he united warring parties through music.”

Tambaoga adds: “The way I am surviving is not tallying with my popularity. I am struggling. Yes, I pushed a certain agenda but that was then. I want people to support my music career and together we can build a better country. We can’t dwell in the past but we have to move on.”

The controversial singer rose to prominence in the 2000s following the release of political jingles such as Agirimende and Rambai Makashinga which were used for ZANU PF propaganda on all State radio stations and television.

“Rambai Makashinga” was a call to stoical endurance in the midst of unprecedented economic hardships experienced by Zimbabweans due to ZANU PF’s economic mismanagement.

Meanwhile, former Information Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has been accused of using artistes like Tambaoga for selfish Zanu-PF interests and dumping them when they are in need of support.

The self exiled Moyo, who now supports MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, was a Zanu-PF Politburo member and Cabinet Minister during the times Tambaoga jingles were staple diet on State radio.

Responding to the allegations, Jonathan Moyo blew his top.
“Nonsense. How does playing his music amount to using him? That’s a stupid and patronising view.

“You’re insulting him, purporting to speak for him while treating him like a minor with no mind or mouth of his own. Unopenga! (You’re crazy)”
Moyo said he was introduced to Tambaoga by the late Andy Brown.

Additional reporting by Mutsa Makuvaza

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