Ramaphosa admits alcohol might be banned again

indafrica June 19, 2020
Updated 2020/06/19 at 7:44 PM

President Cyril Ramaphosa says that Cabinet is still mulling over whether or not to reinstate to alcohol ban in SA.

Multiple politicians , including premiers and ministers, had called for the ban to return amid high crime spikes and increased pressure on the health care sector.

While citizens were pleased that they could enjoy a drink after weeks of being barred from purchasing liquor, the fallout from the ban lifting has been a major concern.

Speaking during a heated Parliament session on Thursday, Ramaphosa confirmed the issue was still being considered.

Explaining that the ban could not be kept in place indefinitely, he admitted that there was much discussion over a second ban.

While Cabinet debated the hot topic, Ramaphosa conceded that there are calls for alcohol to only be available at Level 1:

“As we move on, we need to save lives and livelihoods as well. Could we have banned alcohol forever? Many would say you could not.

When would the right time have been to open it up? Is Level 3 the correct time, or should it be Level 1? That is a matter that’s still open for debate. We should try and restrict as much as we can.”

Touching on the equally controversial tobacco ban, Ramaphosa left the matter up to the courts:

“The virus is going to be with us for a long time. We need to adjust the risk, analyse the risk and arrive at an outcome to move forward.

We cannot remain locked up forever and a day. Of course, the cigarette ban was imposed after discussions with many stakeholders. It is now in the hands of the court.”

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