Black magic backfires as goblin kills 6 family members

indafrica June 23, 2020
Updated 2020/06/23 at 9:02 AM

A RUSAPE family’s peace is at sixes and sevens amid allegations that its eldest surviving member possesses a goblin that allegedly sexually abuses female members and is reported to have mysteriously killed six of them within a period of two months.

As a result, the aggrieved members of the Muswere family, in Muvhimwa Village under Chief Tandi, are up in arms against Nicodimus Mapfumo Muswere .

Nicodimus Mapfumo Muswere
The fall-out was triggered by the mysterious death of six female members of the Muswere family — Fenny, Nester, Eugenia, Soster, Phillipah and Patricia – between January and February this year.

Most of the family members allegedly died in mysterious circumstances, most of them on Thursdays.

On the other hand, the abused women spoke of having wet dreams and dreaming of being intimate with strange creatures.

Family members want the “goblin” exorcised. They also want the family to be cleansed. However, Nicodimus is said to be against that move, arguing that approaching exorcists and sorcerers will violate his religious beliefs.

Sources say problems started in 2008 when the goblin, then speaking through a possessed girl, detailed its sexual shenanigans with female family members and read out a list of six members it had mysteriously killed as well as six others that were on its hit list.

Having become an isolated figure who was constantly being persecuted in the family, Nicodimus approached the Rusape Civil Court for an interdict against Evans, Douglas, Warren, Barnwell, Dimus, Tawanda, Adam, Marron, Maxwell, Edward, Arnlod and Winnie Muswere.

Nicodimus wants 12 members of his family barred from visiting his homestead, marshalling him to prophets, assaulting and labelling him a wizard.

He wants the defendants to observe peace towards him, his wife and children and to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

The antagonising family members were set to appear before a Rusape magistrate yesterday (Thursday).

“The respondents are my brothers’ children and my brother’s wife. They have been persecuting me and my family, thereby disturbing our peace.

“Sometime in 2008, the respondents, acting in consent, came to my homestead and physically assaulted me with wooden sticks. I sustained injuries on the left hand and reported the matter to the police,” said Nicodimus.

“On March 22, 2020, again for reasons known to them, without notice or even my consent, they came to my homestead with prophets from the Johanne Masowe Sect and more than 50 congregants, accusing me of wizardry.

“They forcibly broke and entered into my house, resulting in me losing US$500. Again I reported the incident to the police, who then advised me to apply for this interdict.

“They proceeded to set fire at my homestead, which is against my religion. They always do so in the absence of my children. They are also in the habit of spreading falsehoods in a way that tarnishes my image.

“I am now living in fear due to their threats, insults, assaults, behaviour and attitude. I have no other remedy other than this interdict.

“They should stop visiting my homestead, forcing me to visit prophets or bringing them to my homestead, which is against my religion.

“They should be interdicted from physically assaulting and accusing me of wizardry with the intention of fleecing my wealth and destroying my family,” pleaded Nicodimus.

However, in their answering affidavits, the 12 respondents disputed Nicodimus’ assertions.

Instead, they accused him of disturbing the family’s peace through supernatural powers.

“We consulted traditional healers with the aid of the local traditional leaders and prophets to exorcise the evil spirits causing havoc in our family.

“We got worried when six people died mysteriously in two months, most of them on Thursdays,” read the family members’ affidavits.

They said they peacefully confronted Nicodimus to lead them in resolving the problems as he is the oldest surviving member of the family.

“When the family finally got help from the prophets, the mysterious deaths eventually stopped. This was after a piece of cloth was removed from his homestead.

“He was never forced to attend any gathering or healing session, but voluntarily did so. The exorcising and cleansing ceremony was done in the presence of all family members,” argued the family members.

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