Touching Story Of 120 Year Old Zimbabwean Stranded In SA Since 1918

indafrica June 23, 2020
Updated 2020/06/23 at 9:12 AM

Zimbabweans in South Afirca were last week treated to the touching story of an elderly man who reveals that he is 120 years old per evidence on his passport, and is stranded in the neighbouring country since the year 1918. Yes you heard me right there, 3 years way before the late Robert Mugabe was born.

Mr Samson Vera Shumba, narrates all in a short video clip while assisted by two women who’ve just spotted him. He shows them his passport to prove he entered South Africa in 1918.

Visuals of the book can’t however be seen as the clip which ends prematurely. But the man reveals saying:

“I am Samson, the son of Vera, Shumba.”

“I come from Vudzi. I came here. Now I want to come home. Why don’t you come and take me home?, ” he pleads.

What’s your father’s name?, he is asked, to which he answers saying, “Vera, Shumba.”

Which is your Village Book? “paVudzi,” he answers.

Who is your chief? “Bota, in Zaka.”
So which year did you come here?, he is asked, to which he says, “Aaah, I was a mad person.”

But we shall take a photograph of your passport, is that alright? You came here in 1918 when you were 18?, he is asked.

He replies saying, “Yaaah.”
The good Samaritan women then propose that they post his video onto a WhatsApp group, to which he expresses wonder saying, “What is a (WhatsApp) group? “

ZimEye is appealing to the Good Samaritan women to contact this news network as some people have voiced saying they are related to the elderly man. +447426863301


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