Ramaphosa calls on African states to prioritize Covid-19 vaccination

indafrica June 24, 2020
Updated 2020/06/24 at 5:21 PM

Africa Union chairperson Cyril Ramaphosa has urged African leaders to embrace Covid-19 vaccines.

Ramaphosa says heads of states must start rolling out programs to support vaccinations of Covid-19 as a way to deal with the pandemic.

He said Africa should try securing funds from donors and international friends.

He also said Presidents should ensure that vaccines are delivered to their people right on time before the pandemic escalates to a higher level.

“Let us all prioritize the deliverance of the Covid-19 vaccine to their people” he said during a AU pandemic meeting.

He continued to say Africa has to focus more on vaccines so as to be ready for more Pandemics that are likely to dawn on the continent in the near future.

“This will help us introduce a universal health coverage system to everyone to access health care when needed.”

South Africa has already begun trials of the vaccine with 2000 people ready to be used on as tests.

The topic of vaccination has raised controversy as many people believe it is a way of population reduction and is a satanic way to penetrate people.

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