Video: Restaurant workers caught having s_ex while on duty

indafrica June 24, 2020
Updated 2020/06/24 at 1:26 PM

Video, Restaurant workers caught on CCTV camera having s_ex at work.

The two married co-workers sneak in the passage to the stock room to have a good time.

According to the management of the identified restaurant (name withheld) the two are undergoing disciplinary procedures after the footage was pulled out by the loss control department.

The restaurant manager revealed that it is against company policy and general health protocol to have intercourse within the premises.

” The company restricts relationships among work makes, if any they should be notified to the management so that interdepartmental transfers are initiated.

This act is a gross violation of company protocols and general health policies. We can confirm that the two are undergoing a procedural disciplinary hearing for undertaking a dismissable offense.”

Watch The CCTV Video Below

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Restaurant workers caught having sex while on duty

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Here are South Africans opinion

“Man went from baking buns to splitting buns”

“Banna I knew it gore our Minister is going to give us something go deeper baba we need part 2”

“Unhygienic hey. Mara liya gunyedza stru. . Nyovhisto bafo, a JIT (Just In Time) system bo makhi. You don’t have to wait to get home after work.

Former French President Jacques Chirac enjoyed lunch time quickies, and guess what, he was the best president ever.”

“Someone is going to raise a child that is not his own thinking his wife is working like everyone else while this is happening. Somone is going to be infected by infections and diseases thinking his husband is working like everyone else.”

“5 years and 9 months later little Covidon writes: And that’s how my mommy said I was made. I still dont understand why my daddy was all over my mommy’s face but ke..”

“Yereeeeee imagine she’s your wife and she’s keep telling you how good her boss treat her at work and you see this… U just advise her to keep him close for her promotion”

“Imagine seeing your faithfull girlfriend online with some other dude.”

“and they go cook our food afterwards”
“What if that’s someone’s wife…mxm bophelo Mara”

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