“I’m a proud powerful witch” woman brags on Social Media

indafrica June 25, 2020
Updated 2020/06/25 at 1:59 AM

A woman has made shocking claims on Facebook admitting to being a ‘powerful witch’ inviting other women to join.

Angela Nwosu, is popular on Facebook for controversial reasons relating to the sort of business she does.

She often times has come out to brag about her spiritual prowess and all.

However, just recently she added to her portfolio through a post, that her own witchcraft is deep. According to her, she is from the river and she is also a servant of Amadioha.

She also went ahead to announce that she has formed a “coven of witches” as she gave requirements to join the coven.

See her post below;

I am a proud witch!

I dare to take up space and live my life outside my socially prescribed roles, so am referred to as a witch and an agent of darkness, which I wear with so much pride. I hold sexual power over men. I break barriers. I do a lot of things only a successful witch is capable of.

I am an ex christian, even the strongest of pastors cannot deliver me, where will they even get the power of deliverance when they are so busy scamming people with fake prophecies and deceit and busy buying private jets and dragging the role of most richest pastor in Africa.

Being a witch is not a bad thing, unless you are living in some tribal societies or a bad witch. It would be even admirable if you had witchcraft skills.

My own witchcraft is deep, I am from the river and a servant of Amadioha, I keep my head up and bear the numerous names that comes with being a witch, eg, Agent of devil, lucifer, antichrist, demonic, etc, which turns me on with reckless abandon ?
I recently formed a coven of witches.

The requirement for admission into this group is not much, you just have to be genuinely interested, and must be 23 years and above, women only. Once you join, you will never leave no matter what, you will be a witch for life, you will automatically be immune to any form of deliverance or religious prayers, which are not problems anyways, because you will be so fulfilled, happy and immeasurably blessed, that you will be proud to be a member and have no reason to leave.

You will never lack anymore and love will surround you, with reckless abandon.


Despite Angela’s very controversial claims, she has a massive following on Instagram and on Facebook as well. While some people criticize her, a lot of people seem to be happy with what she does which I think is rather surprising.

Angela Nwosu also has a myriad of beads which she calls “Evil Eyes Protection”.

She claims to fortify these beads so much that once you wear them, you’re protected from any evil and also it brings you good luck and love.

The beads, of course, are very expensive as the cheapest is about #30,000 for one.

A picture of waistband: From her followings and testimonies online, you’ll see that people are really enjoying which is quite astounding
For a woman to be bold enough to say she is a witch, from the river and a servant of Amadioha, then you should know it’s not normal.

Thankfully, Angela has said what she does is for the good of people. That if you come to her for evil charm, she cannot help you.

What do you think about Angela Nwosu’s kind of business?

Do you think there are good witches?

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