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South Africa records more than 100 Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa has marked a new daily record of COVID-19 infections, with more than 5,600 new cases confirmed over the past 24-hour cycle.

The country now has more than 111,000 confirmed infections.
One hundred and three more people have also died after contracting the virus, pushing the national toll to 2,205.

The daily new infection rate in the country has tripled this month, with 5,688 confirmed COVID-19 cases repported in the latest 24-hour cycle.

The Western Cape remains the epicentre of the outbreak, accounting for almost half of the country’s infections.

Gauteng accounts for 23%, while 17% of the cases were picked up in the Eastern Cape.

Almost 1.5 million tests have been carried out since the outbreak here on home soil.

The recovery rate stands on 50% and the mortality rate at 2%.

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