‘Why are we not being arrested?’ – Julius Malema taunts authorities

indafrica June 25, 2020
Updated 2020/06/25 at 4:59 PM

Julius Malema has made another colourful appearance at a media briefing on Thursday, branding his showdown with a select audience of journalists as an ‘interrogation’.

Fielding queries on his links to the VBS saga , the bullish politician denied all allegations that have been made him.


Malema is accused of profiting from the collapse of the bank, after senior officials looted the reserves. The link between Brian Shivambu – the brother of EFF deputy leader Floyd – and the Red Berets has put Juju and his colleagues on the spot. But Juju has decided to fight fire with fire at this prickly press conference.

The firebrand CIC argued with journalists about accepting ‘brown envelopes’, and berated the NPA for failing to prosecute him during a two-year investigation. In Julius Malema’s own words, this truly was ‘his show’…


Julius Malema is never one to mince his words, and that became apparent when he brazenly asked the assembled media why he’d not been arrested for the corruption he’s alleged to have taken part in:

“They [NPA] want me with everything. No one can produce any evidence linking the EFF to VBS.

There needs to be prima facie evidence which necessitates the commissioning of an auditor to probe any wrongdoing in the party. If there was a donation from VBS to the EFF, it would have been exposed by now.”

“I’ve never benefited any cent from VBS. Why are we not being arrested? Why are we not being charged? It is because those charges are not there. If these people had real evidence they would have come for me.”

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