775 Schools hit by Covid-19 1169 teachers, 523 students infected

indafrica June 28, 2020
Updated 2020/06/28 at 10:54 AM

The Department of Education has called for calm and compliance amid threats of protests as the nation prepares to send the next batch of students to school.

A number of Covid-19 infections had been recorded in South African schools since the reopening earlier this month, which saw only Grade 7 and 12 students returning.

In a statement issued in response to the outcry, the department said it has had a good run thus far considering the circumstances:

“The Department of Basic Education has successfully opened schools in a new unfamiliar environment.

It is an environment with contradictions where as a country we are facing rising records of infections whilst the advice from health experts and advisors is that as a country we need to live side by side with the virus.”

Noting the stress the situation has had on parents, the department urged principals to ensure protocols are strictly enforced:

“This has understandably caused panic and anxiety. The Department wants to continue to urge school principals to ensure that all the health protocols on the management of the virus are strictly followed.”

The department revealed that in just a few weeks 775 schools had been affected by Covid-19 infections.

A total of 523 learners have contracted the virus and a staggering 1 169 staff members had also tested positive.

With an even higher number of grades expected to resume schooling on July 6, this has raised some serious questions over whether or not reopening in the first place was a good call.

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