Business man paying Zanu PF salaries exposed

indafrica June 28, 2020
Updated 2020/06/29 at 4:05 AM

SACKED Zanu PF youth league commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu says controversial businessman Billy Rautenbach pays salaries for Zanu PF politicians and staff.

Tsenengamu and youth league secretary general Lewis Matutu were suspended from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party early this year for naming and shaming some local businessmen they claimed were sabotaging the national economy through corrupt dealings.

The outspoken activist, who was later expelled from the party, told journalists Friday Zanu PF has gone very broke and depended on the Green Fuel businessman’s generosity to pay wages.

Tsenengamu said before his expulsion, he enjoyed a monthly salary of $8 000 and a new car despite just being in the youth league leader.

By naming and shaming a Zanu PF benefactor, he said, he invited the wrath of the Zanu PF leadership which took the drastic decision to throw him out of the ruling party.

“They had to act after we said something about him (Rautenbach) because he is the sponsor of the party, he pays salaries for those in the party,” said the firebrand activist.

“The party has no viable companies, they (companies) long collapsed.
“He (Rautenbach) bought those cars for the party, he provides fuel. So, the party has been captured.

“None can say anything and expect kindness from the leadership.

“Billy released a statement saying ‘no we don’t have a monopoly’ after we named and shamed him and when I said it, people said Tsenengamu is mad.

“But, where are we today with the ethanol blending.”

He added, “Why mandatory blending when we were told that if they mix with ethanol, it is was going to be cheaper, but the ethanol has pushed the prices of fuel up.”

Tsenengamu also accused Rautenbach of abusing villagers in Chisumbanje while boasting he was untouchable.

“Because Billy is a friend of the leaders, he boasts about it go and ask people in Chisumbanje, they will tell you that.

“At one point he wanted to evict people from Kambuzuma Joshua Nkomo Housing cooperative because he has political connection to the powers that be.

“Go and see how he is treating the villagers in Chisumbanje, why, because he enjoys protection from the authorities and that is why they had to chase us from the party because for them, it was about Billy and in a way, we had pointed a finger at them (leaders).

“They had to act. Billy is one of them in their corrupt ways.”

Source NewZimbabwe

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