Melinda Gates says blacks must be covid-19 vaccine ‘priority’

indafrica June 30, 2020
Updated 2020/06/30 at 4:32 AM

After a series of articles across the internet reporting that Melinda Gate, wife to Bill Gates said Black people must get the covid-19 vaccine first it has surfaced that in actual fact she didn’t say it but rather they must be prioritized to get the vaccine.

In an interview in early June Melinda said the vaccine must be made available first to the 60 million health workers across the world then after that it must be sent to black people and other people of color because they are prone to die from the virus.

The initial post that said Gates wants to give the vaccine to black people first, caused a lot of outrage on the internet with people posting threatening comments to her.

People commented saying, “we are not crash test dummies, we’ll go after you,” “Now that is a very racist remark”
Uncalled for how dare she and Hmmmm in other words we’re the guinea pigs.”

Melinda’s remarks comes after the United States and the world were put under siege by protests against racism which were sparked by the death of a black American George Floyd.

Answering to the question on who was on the highest need of the vaccine she said, “In the US that would be black people next, quite honestly and many other people on Color. They are having disproportionate Effects from Covid-19”

It is reported that Black Americans are more likely to die from Covid-19, reflecting longstanding disparities in health and inequalities in access to health care.

Source IndAfrica/ Reuters

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