Satanic church working with 50 Prophets from Zimbabwe

indafrica June 30, 2020
Updated 2020/06/30 at 12:51 PM

In a rather shocking development the controversial Satanic church in South Africa has revealed that it is working with some prophets in Zimbabwe to push their agenda.

This was revealed via social media as they had told a Zimbabwean prophet who had attacked them that it’s either he joins the sect or shuts up.

Prophet Isaac Makomichi was met with a lot of backlash from both members and leaders of the church for going against the Satanic church

“Do you have the powers to defeat us?” A member of the church allegedly asked the preacher.

“Some prophets are our agents, so don’t waste your time,” another member of the church reportedly wrote on social media.

One of the satanic church elders also allegedly wrote :

” We advise Zimbabwean prophet, Isaac Makomichi to mind his own business or he can join us. He cannot fight us as we are working with more than 50 prophets in his country,he must keep quite for his own good.”

This has left a lot of people with questions on who these prophets could be.

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