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Fake Covid-19 cure exposed
The novel coronavirus pandemic has proved to be a profitable business for a lot of individuals.

In a documentary by BBC Africa it exposes how some individuals and organizations in Ghana have taken advantage of the pandemic to maximize profits. A lot of people have come out to claim that they have the covd-19 cure and are selling it at very high prices.

A herbalist from the capital city of Ghana Accra known as Dr Abdellah is in this business with his father Dr Abdellah senior. The duo claims they have found the cure to Covid-19 HIV Cancer, stroke and other illnesses. The cure is their herb which is sold to people and organizations.

Dr Abdellah appears to be very confident about his herbal concoction saying it does not need to be taken to laboratories for clinical trials because it is strong and once a person with C0vid-19 drinks it they get healed in 30 minutes.

The investigation which as being carried by BBC seasoned undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas reveals how the charged $432 for a bottle of their concoction. The duo lied that their product was being used by high profile people such as ministers of the country and even said they cured the Vice President of Senegal form Covid-!19 in actual fact Senegal doesn’t have the Vice President post.

It was also discovered that the product had a fake Food and Drug Authority (FDA) registration number on it.
Anas Aremeyaw bought some of the concoction as part of his investigation which he later took to the national laboratories who tested and concluded that the herbal mixtures were not suitable for human consumption and caused serious health implications.

The FDA later raided the operations house of Dr Abdellah who denied selling these products and said they were waiting for authorization.

In another scandal COAFS a registered herbal mixture company also scammed people by saying their product can cure the coronavirus. The owner of the company denied these allegations while on camera but off camera his company was selling the products to the people claiming it will help them prevent get corona and would heal those already infected.

The sale of fake medication on the streets of Ghana has become a new trend but has caused the death of several people and health complications for some people.

So far the only credible Covid-19 herbal cure is that from Madagascar which has been used by a number of countries and is approved in Madagascar however clinical trials are underway to officially allow for its use as a cure to coronavirus.

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source IndAfrica/BBC

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