BREAKING: Zim hospital demand upto US$5000 from Covid-19 patients

At a time when the Zimbabwean government has turned a deaf ear at allegations labeled against Health Minister Obadiah Moyo for looting Covid-19 finances, hospitals are now doing as they please with covid-19 patients.

In a rather shocking development a hospital in Zimbabwe will be charging Covid-19 patients upto $5000 .

In a memorandum published by private hospital Mater Dei Hospital it states that it will be charging US$60 for casualties a general ward will cost US$3000 yet ICU hospitalization will cost US$5000.

This comes at a time when the country is hit by inflection and most businesses are rejecting the local currency demanding payment in US Dollars.

Zimabbwe has recorded 591 Covid-19 cases.

Statement published by Mater Dei Hospital below.

Source IndAfrica

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