Covid-19 vaccine trials rejected in Zimbabwe

indafrica July 2, 2020
Updated 2020/07/02 at 11:26 AM

A newly established pressure group, the International Coalition Against Coronavirus (ICAC) is mobilising local citizens to reject the Covid-19 vaccine trials as they cause “unnecessary” deaths.

ICAC has since lined up anti-Covid-19 vaccine trial campaigns starting next week.

A representative of ICAC in Zimbabwe, Max Mkandla said the local chapter had started mobilising citizens to reject the Covid-19 vaccine trials as they were harmful to local communities.

“We do not want Covid-19 vaccines in Africa. The tests should start in countries like Spain, Brazil, and America where the pandemic is killing a lot of people,” said Mkandla.

“We are urging African governments to resist the testing of their people. These drugs will cause unnecessary deaths to our people.”

Mkandla who is also ICAC 3rd Africa Vice president said the organisation confirmed they were planning to roll out anti-Covid-19 vaccine trial campaign activities next week.

These sentiments were also echoed by the Nicol Ngwenya, ICAC Zimbabwe youth country coordinator.

“We want to tell the developed countries that Africa is not a guinea pig where clinical trials can willy-nilly be tested on human beings. People should be given adequate information before they are tested. They should be informed of the side effects of the vaccines,” said Ngwenya.

The ICAC has stepped up its anti-African Covid-19 vaccines trials campaigns on the continent.

South Africa started its first coronavirus vaccine trials on June 24. The vaccine developed by Oxford University’s (UK) Jenner Institute, will inoculate 2 000 South Africans.

“The fight against Covid-19 and its vaccines in the field must be redoubled because we have all noticed that some countries such as South Africa have already started human trials of Covid-19 vaccines despite all the talk about the risks for us Africans,” said Toure Moussa Zeguen, the organisation’s International Executive Secretary in a memorandum dispatched to African country chapters.

Zeguen urged country chapters to strengthen their structures in the fight against the pandemic.

“Since citizens can now move in some countries, we invite each other to create the structures of popular mobilisation of the CICC in your countries because those who imposed this planned pandemic have a demonic and slave-like plan and objective that they want to achieve by all means. Let us wake up so that we are not caught in a rush,” said Zeguen.

Covid-19 has affected 591 people in Zimbabwe while seven deaths have been confirmed.

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