Ramaphosa sold Africa to Gates vaccine ?

indafrica July 6, 2020
Updated 2020/07/06 at 4:36 PM
Ramaphosa meets Bill Gates

The worry of most Africans now is what’s next for them if the covid-19 vaccine is made compulsory for everyone?

A series of events have taken place since the beginning of this covid pandemic but what stands out the most for Africans is that of South Africa seemingly turning a deaf ear on Madagascar’s herbal covid remedy but quickly endorsing the so called newly found vaccine by the University of Wits in partnership with the Oxford University.

South Africa Covid-19 vaccine linked to Bill Gates

Back in April they were so many news reports which stated that Bill Gates had offered South Africa help fight the coronavirus and would like to test the vaccine in South Africa, however those reports were quick to be dismissed and media houses were forced to retract their statements.

In the midst of all that denial, a video surfaced of Bill Gates confirming that he was in talks with the President of South Africa about endorsing the vaccine. Other websites reported that “Public gatherings will not come back until every human being in the world has been vaccinated” these report were also dismissed as fake news.

Watch: Bill Gates confirms Vaccination talks with Ramaphosa

Fast forward South Africa has endorsed a vaccine reportedly to have been developed from a local university of Wits Watersrand. More reports emerged that this vaccine was linked to the Bill Gates Foundation.

Two days after South Africa announced its vaccine trials to begin Ramaphosa who is the chairperson to the African Union advised heads of states to prioritize development of the covid-19 vaccine in their country. In the meeting held online he clearly said “As Africa we need to prioritize development of the Covid-19 vaccine.”

Ramaphosa calls on African states to prioritize Covid-19 vaccination

A number of stories have been reported on the media that Covid-19 numbers were being altered to suit to the narrative of the World Health Organization that at least 1.2 million Africans will be infected by the virus. A doctor in Ghana resigned after he was asked to purposely alter and increase numbers of covid-19. In Tanzania and other African countries WHO officials were kicked out for presenting fake fluctuated covid-19 statistics.

A week after South Africa begun its Covid-19 vaccination trials numbers of infections skyrocketed like never before, as of today South Africa has recorded over 196 thousand cases, doesn’t that ring a bell to you ?
Melinda Gates says blacks must be covid-19 vaccine ‘priority’

The point I am making is the fear appeal really works, once the numbers have increased everyone will be scared and will quickly run to get this so called vaccine.

In the history of flu vaccines nothing good has ever come out of vaccines. In America the swine flu vaccination of 1976 caused different health problems including paralysis. America had massive Black Lives matter protests were social distancing was not observed but they was no spike of covid-19 cases yet South Africa is still under hard lockdown but cases continue to rise in tens of thousands daily? What explanation does South Africa have for this?

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