Egypt arrests doctors blame them for Covid-19

indafrica July 9, 2020
Updated 2020/07/09 at 4:39 AM

Egypt is arresting medics who speak out about the country’s coronavirus crisis, according to multiple reports.

The arrests come after the country’s prime minister suggested it was “negligence and mismanagement” from the medical profession that was to blame for the disease’s spread in the country.

Doctors have called for more beds and supplies at hospitals,Al-Monitor reported But in response authorities have waged what Amnesty International has termed a “campaign of harassment and intimidation” that leaves having to choose between risking catching COVID-19 at work, or being punished by the authorities.

At least eight medical workers have been arbitrarily detained for expressing criticism of the government’s handling of the virus, Amnesty rights organisation said.

This is often on vague charges such as “spreading false news” and “terrorism.”

(Source Business Insider-US)

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