Thando Thabethe And Lungile Radu’s S_ex Video Goes Viral

indafrica July 13, 2020
Updated 2020/07/13 at 7:39 AM

A sex video involving Thando Thabethe and Lungile Radu has gone viral on the internet with the ‘entanglement’ shared widely on social media.

The video that shows Thando undress before Lungile hungry kisses her has attracted a lot of comments on Twitter.

One viewer had an opportunity to capture the moment on TV and share with others.

Here are the best comments from the s_ex video:

“It’s about time they caught up to the international standard of doing sex scenes right. I’m told by a friend in the SA TV industry that they’re going to start pushing boundaries with s_ex scenes. This Thando and Lungile sex scene is dop.”

“So this is the crap being watched on T.V these days? This Thando Thabethe sex video should have been played. No wonder why children are so perverse these days. S.A is going straight to hell making this seem normal.”

“Dstv got parental control, age restrictions. Practice that and stop blaming Thabethe and Radu for everything”

“Imagine your face after recommending the family watch this movie”

“I actually watched this movie with my parents
when it got to this scene I didn’t know what to do with my self, things were awkward if only I had known before watching it”

“but this is not it. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the MzansiMagic logo. It just looked like porn. Where is BCCSA when we need it?

“Married or not there is no way you are going to tell me has wasn’t extremely hard during that scene. She probably spring a leak too because that was some serious fireworks.”

“Literally the most perfect sex scene ever shot in SA!”

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