Over 3.5 million Africans have lost their jobs since Covid-19 broke out

indafrica July 16, 2020
Updated 2020/07/16 at 7:25 AM

JOHANNESBURG – A new study says up to 3.5 million people lost their jobs between February and April as a result of COVID-19 .

The National Income Dynamics Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey assessed the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on employment and welfare.

Women accounted for two million jobs lost.

Job losses were concentrated among those who are already disadvantaged, including women, Africans, the youth and less educated people.

If you were involved in manual labour or are among the poorest 50 percent of people in the country, you would have stood a greater chance or either losing your job or being laid off.

Those in the informal economy were also hard hit.


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