Watch: Poor part of America the media will never show

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America, most people know the country where everybody’s dreams come true and envision themselves once they get there, they magically live the dream.

Nevertheless, This may not be the case since the good old America is not all rosy as seen on television.

Why do I say so? All the Las Vegas fancy lifestyle is not for everyone ad not everyone affords that trip.
The Ferrari cars, imposing mansions and special technology is not made for all.

Usually dilapidated and squalid living conditions associated with Africa. Really? the portrayal of our beautiful continent and Zimbabwe, in general, shows a dark Africa, a dirty and hopeless generation what not with all political banter about our condition makes one hate the country.

What is the point in all this? Well, A video I came across recently had me thinking, why us? Why is Africa and not America only shown in a bad light?

Without much ado, check out this video THIS IS America:

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