15 Million South Africans starving

indafrica July 21, 2020
Updated 2020/07/21 at 5:20 PM

Not all that glitters is gold.

As much as the South African leadership might seem to be the best democracy in Africa.

Most of the people who voted the leaders into power feel dumped and abandoned by people they had entrusted with their future.

Before Coronavirus broke up around 12 million people in South Africa were Starving.

With the breakout of the Covid-19 and the leaders forcing hard national lockdown more people have been left jobless which has resulted in hunger in most house holds.

According to Oxfam’s latest figures, the number of people now facing hunger in South Africa is closer to 15 million.

Last week the South African Government ordered schools to offer food to 9 million children across the country.

A lot of people lost their jobs and are currently depending on social unemployment grants promised by the government.

The crisis in the country continues to escalate.

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