Covid-19 infected bodies smuggled into Zimbabwe with groceries

indafrica July 22, 2020
Updated 2020/07/22 at 5:33 PM

Cross border transporters (oMalayitsha) are reportedly smuggling bodies of Zimbabweans who died of Coronavirus in neighbouring South Africa into the country thereby spreading the deadly Coronavirus.

According to an audio circulating on social media the bodies are being packaged together with groceries and other goods that South African based citizens send to their relatives in Zimbabwe.

The man speaking on the audio says when the bodies are packaged, they are mixed with goods no matter how small the goods are.

He alleges that wherever he has delivered goods from South Africa, a Coronavirus case will be reported in that particular family afterward.

Two weeks ago we carried a story were veteran broadcaster Ezra Tshisa Sibanda said that Zimbabweans were smuggling bodies back into Zimbabwe.

“Disturbing news, Zimbabweans are smuggling dead bodies of their relatives to bury them back home in Zimbabwe. Someone just confirmed to me they carried their relative who died of coronavirus in South Africa to Zimbabwe and bribed soldiers guarding the illegal border crossing points,” he said. “His relative will be buried tomorrow in Tsholotsho.

I also discovered there are many others who do the same and it answers why there is a sudden surge of coronavirus positive cases of returnees from neighbouring states.”
Source – Byo24News

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