Joburg male str!pper Siya causes chaos, impregnates 2 friends

indafrica July 23, 2020
Updated 2020/07/23 at 5:01 PM

HE IS a str!pper and he str!ps for both men and women. But now he’s got some baby problems to sort out.


This after two friends took to social media to accuse Siyabonga Mbathathe (27) of making them pregnant.

They claimed he blocked them on social media.

Siya, known as Siya Entertainer, has denied all three pregnancies and said they’d do paternity tests after the ladies gave birth.

Siya admitted he was in an on-and-off relationship with one of the ladies, but said the child couldn’t be his.
“She had a boyfriend at the time,” he said.

“Why didn’t she tell me about the pregnancy when we were dating?
“I’m making money and suddenly she’s pregnant. That’s nonsense!”

Another woman showed off her pregnancy on Siya’s timeline with the caption:

“Morning, Siya. Our boy is growing.
“I’m not angry at you about everything that’s happening on your timeline.

“I see everyone is claiming to have your child. Let them prove it like me.”

Siya said he was receiving death threats from unknown men and the posts ruined his relationship.

“My girlfriend was already putting up with ladies posting their pictures on my timeline and asking me to have s.e.x with them.

“This has gone too far. I understand her frustration.

“It’s sad that my name is being dragged through the mud by people who don’t know anything about me.

“I’m willing to take full responsibility if these are indeed my kids, but we must wait for the tests.”

Daily Sun tried to contact the three ladies, but two didn’t respond.
One said she met Siya when he str!pped for her friends and he took advantage.

She said people, especially women, had been attacking her since she posted about the pregnancy.
“I want to move on, but I want to make him feel the hurt he put me through,” said the lady.

Siya told Daily Sun he does all kinds of gigs.

“I do bridal showers, baby showers, private sessions, lingerie parties, and clubs.

“My str!pping services are for both men and women.”

He said he’s been in the business for 11 months and charges R1 500 a session.

“I’ve encountered many challenges, he said.

“I’ve received death threats and still get them.

“I’ve had my phones stolen at a gig while it was connected and playing music.”

He said he’s been cyberbullied and men have said bad things about him for sleeping with their women.

“These challenges make me stronger. I believe in myself, and my character is what separates me from other guys.”
-Daily Sun

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