Video: Swarm of Bees attack soldiers and Police

indafrica July 26, 2020
Updated 2020/07/26 at 8:46 PM

Sting vs guns!

Reports reaching IndAfrica is that Zimbabwean soldiers and police officers were brutally attacked by bees.

An audio that has been circulating in the Zimbabwean media of an unidentified woman narrating the event says soldiers and police officers who had made a surprise patrol were sent back running after they tried confiscating stuff that belonged to a controversial granny of the area.

“Soldiers and Police came to Kuwadzana 4 and begun arresting everyone, most people ran away leaving the stuff they were selling behind,”

“Soldiers begun collecting the stuff, however as they were about to collect fire wood that belonged to gogo Ndunge bees came from nowhere and begun to attack them,”

“The soldiers ran for their dear lives as the bees followed them behind, they cried their lives out,” the lady narrated the event

However as IndAfrica we can not confirm the truthfulness of this event as we are yet to receive more evidence of the the event.

Most Zimbabwe news websites and communities have confirmed the event to be true.

Video below

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