Gay man sleeps with father and son… 17 year old boy enjoys married man

indafrica July 27, 2020
Updated 2020/07/27 at 2:17 AM

Deadly entanglements!

Following Zimbabwe’s Pokello Instagram confessions Sunday it’s either you’d be disgusted by marriage or you’ll learn never to trust anyone.

As the confessions were hitting up a bizarre confession came through as one gay boy confessed that he’s been secretly sleeping with his friend and his father at the same time.

The unidentified faceless character clearly stated that “Im gay … My friend and his father are secretly having s3x with me.”

As if that wasn’t enough, in a different confession a 17 year old high school boy also confessed being gay and in a Happy relationship with a married man.

It was really shocking how the young boy confessed that he was enjoying destroying someone’s marriage.

The young boy was not ashamed to announce that he was not regretting any of his actions as his man has a huge manhood that satisfy him in bed and he gets all he wants financially.

Pokello Nare is a Zimbabwean business woman and social media influencer every Sunday she runs a confessions program on her Instagram account where people can freely confess their sins anonymously.

This program is how ever not for the faint hearted as a lot of lies in relationships are exposed.

Below are pictures from the confessions

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