Social Media companies take down Covid-19 cure video

indafrica July 29, 2020
Updated 2020/07/29 at 3:55 PM

Yesterday we posted an article of American doctor Immanuel saying that Hydroxychloroquine is the cure for Covid-19 but world leaders don’t want people to know about it.

The video which has been trending since yesterday has been taken down by Facebook Instagram twitter and YouTube.

The video is rendered to be propelling harmful fake news .

They claim Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t cure Coronavirus therefore the Doctors should not push such messages.

This video was promoted the President of United States Donald Trump who says he has been using Hydroxychloroquine since March and he has lesser chances of getting the Virus.

Reports also have it that the Prime Minister of United Kingdoms Boris Johnson used the drug when he was infected by Coronavirus.

It is still unclear if wether the drug has been found or some capitalist want to make Businesses out of the virus.

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